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Domaine Matassa, Cuvee Romanissa Rouge, 2010

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Two New Zealanders in Roussillon!

Tom Lubbe (with experience in the promising terroirs of Swartland in South Africa) and Sam Harrop (MW), having bought an old vineyard at an altitude of 450 metres, and with a biodynamic approach, make wines in the most natural way possible.

Dry red wine.

Blend Grenache Noir/Carignane from Southern France, Roussillon.

Organic, biodynamic cultivation, from old vines of low acreage yield to maturation in oak barrels.

With stunning intensity and complexity of fragrances on the nose.

Tight palate, with acidity, freshness, scents of spices, cherries, blackberries, minerality, roasted feel, elegant tannins, lengthy finish and 13.5% alcohol.

Retail Price: € 30