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A Roam in Saumur

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Saumur is situated between Angers and Tours in the Loire Valley.

Flanked by Chinon and Bourgueil (famed for their reds) to the east and Coteaux du Layon and Aubance (that produce mainly sweet whites) to the west, it is at a crossroads between Anjou and Touraine. As a result, Saumur wines could – in general – be excused for suffering from an identity crisis.

Since in the modern-day world of wine the most successful wine labels are the ones with a specific wine character and all efforts focus on the production and marketing of this very one (e.g. Champagne), Saumur, though it produces red, white and rose wines, seems to stand out especially for its sparkling whites, of which it produces larger quantities.

The vineyards from which these wines come, extend much farther west than those of other Saumur varieties within the Anjou region. This proves to be a particular plus during colder years. Approximately 95.000 hL are produced every year, rendering Saumur one of the top most regions, after Champagne, in sparkling wine labels.

The subsoil in the area contains chalk, known to the locals as ‘tuffeau’. The minerals in the soil play a vital role in creating wines with a fine sparkle.

Another attribute of the chalk is its ability to absorb the heat from the sun during the day and to diffuse it during the night.